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Designed by a mother, each item in our store is made with care and love. Our priority is the comfort and safety of the children. We create simple yet trendy styles all in gender-neutral colours, timeless and durable enough to be worn a lot longer and passed along to the next child.

Fashion Design Office
About Our Leather


All our fabrics are knitted ethically using GOTS organic cotton. Our main goal is to ensure a great future for our kids by using only sustainable material. Therefore we partnered with Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) that ensure there are no Bt toxin in any of our clothing and that smallholder farmers get a fair and timely payment and are trained in modern, efficient and sustainable cotton farming practices. You can read more about the criteria for CmiA here.


All our products are made from 100% Cotton made in Africa (CmiA). Cotton made in Africa is an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) that helps African smallholder cotton farmers in Africa to improve their living conditions. The goal of the CmiA is to sustainably improve the living conditions of cotton farmers and their children in Sub-Saharan Africa using the principle of helping people to help themselves through trade. Child labor, dangerous pesticides or genetically modified cotton are strictly forbidden. 

You can read more about the Cotton Made in Africa Initiative on

In terms of total environmental impact the garment and textile industry is, after the oil and agricultural industries, one of the largest contributors to climate change. In Fitiny is focused on using sustainably and locally sourced materials throughout the production and being stewards of our planet.

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