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IN FITINY is a company founded in Montreal.
Meaning an infinity of possibilities for the little ones, the name refers to the bambara term (from Mali) «fitiny» which means small, by adding the English term «in» we make a correlation with the word «infinity»; the company specializes in the production and sale of high quality organic clothing and accessories for babies and children.
Born from the desire of a mother of two children to offer parents the possibility to dress their child in a trendy and comfortable way while using organic materials of ethical origin, IN FITINY makes it a point of honour to design and produce all its articles with respect for the human being and the environment.

Textile Industry


Hello, my name is Kledü.

I'm the mother of two boys who I love with all my heart. All my fellow parents here will agree that we always want the best for our little ones, and that is why i decided to create IN FITINY.  I  wanted my kids to be dressed in trendy clothes without exploiting other children on the other side of the world or using production methods that would harm our planet. Therefore I created this Canadian brand using only organic or recycled material and textile soft  on our babies and on our planet.

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